Popcorn Maker

If you love popcorn and you love cosy movie nights on the sofa at home, why not invest in a fantastic popcorn maker? These fabulous inventions allow you to enjoy fresh hot popcorn just like you can buy in your local cinema. And the best bit is that you don't have to pay their high prices!

A popcorn maker is simple to use and it's so cheap to make your own tasty popcorn at home. You can even add your own flavourings such as butter, sugar or salt. Most popcorn makers allow you to see exactly what is going on. Nothing beats throwing in your popcorn kernels and waiting for the popcorn maker to work its magic.

Sure, you can make popcorn in a saucepan but this often results in a burnt pan, wasted kernels that never pop and a lot of mess. With the right popcorn maker you get convenience, less mess and a great way to enjoy this fun and nutritious snack.

Why not invite your friends over and really make a night of it? Hire in your favourite movies, hook up your popcorn maker and really give your guests the ultimate cinema experience. You could even dim the lights and show them to their seats by torchlight!

A popcorn maker won't cost you the earth either. If you compare the cost of homemade popcorn with the cost of cinema or shop-popcorn your popcorn maker could pay for itself in a very short time. Simply buy your popcorn kernels in bulk or from your local supermarket and it will go a very long way. It's a great way of saving money whilst having lots of fun in your kitchen and your friends and family will certainly be impressed.

Cheap, delicious and nutritious, homemade popcorn is a great snack and never goes out of fashion. Your own popcorn maker can sit in your cupboard and be taken out whenever you have a craving for this hot buttery snack and is a great talking point. Simply switch on, pop in your kernels and away you go. It couldn't be easier.

If you are put off of making your own popcorn because of the mess, this is a thing of the past when you own a popcorn maker. Because the machine regulates the temperature perfectly there is never any risk of burning, scorching or kernels not popping – you get perfect hot delicious popcorn each and every time!

Why not invest in something fun and functional for your kitchen today? A popcorn maker is the perfect excuse for a great night in and will be used time and time again.